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CompactPCI®   Audio Controller - Six Channel Surround Sound

Mature Product - Not Recommended for New Design

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CH1-SOUND - High Performance CPCI Audio Accelerator
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CompactPCI  Six Channel Audio Processor

High Performance Recording and Playback

The CH1-SOUND is a high performance audio accelerator add-in card for CompactPCI® systems. The 3U board exceeds the Microsoft® PC 99 audio performance specifications and complies with the Intel® AC '97 spec.

The CH1-SOUND provides a complete suite of analog and digital I/O connections. The board contains three stereo outputs for front L/R, surround L/R and center/low frequency speakers. The optical S/PDIF interface is compatible with consumer devices such as stereo receivers and MiniDisc recorders.

The sound card features a 420MIPs high speed DSP audio processor, and two audio codecs. The codecs include stereo 20-bit DACs and stereo 18-bit ADCs, allowing for recording, mixing and playback of voice and music at the highest quality level.

The CH1-SOUND is a perfect solution to industrial range CPCI systems with need for high performance audio I/O, e.g. passenger information systems or computer telephony applications.

CH1-SOUND - Audio Controller

CH1-SOUND - Audio Controller

  • 420MIPs DSP architecture
  • Hardware acceleration for Microsoft DirectSound® and DirectSound3D® positional audio
  • Sensaura™ 3-D, 2 or 4 channel audio
  • EAX™ enhanced environmental audio
  • Unlimited-voice wavetable synthesis
  • Acoustic echo cancellation, acceleration for Netmeeting™
  • 10 Band graphic equalization
  • S/PDIF Digital input and output support for PCM and AC3 encoded 5.1 channel formats
  • PC 98/99 and AC '97 compliant

EKF offers drivers for Linux from kernel 2.2.17 off, and Windows 95/98/ME, NT4 and Windows 2000 (all available by download). The CH1-SOUND is also compatible to existing legacy software.

Front panel adapter CR9-ADAPT For use of the CH1-SOUND with 6U CPCI Systems, a mechanical kit is available which expands the 3U front panel to 6U (CR9-ADAPT).

CH1-SOUND - Block Diagram

CH1-SOUND - Block Diagram
Technical Specifications
Printed Circuit Board Dimensions 3U Eurocard (100x160mm), front panel width 20.3mm (4HP), mechanics constructed with respect to EMC requirements, ejector lever
AUDIO Audio Processor PCI Audio Controller, 420 MIPs DSP processor architecture, hardware acceleration for Microsoft DirectSound® and DirectSound3D® positional audio, Sensaura™ 3-D, 2 or 4 channel audio, EAX™ enhanced environmental audio, unlimited-voice wavetable synthesis, acoustic echo cancellation, acceleration for Netmeeting™, 10 Band graphic equalization, S/PDIF digital input and output support for PCM and AC3 encoded 5.1 channel formats, dual AC '97 codec interface, DirectInput™ joystick interface and MPU-401 MIDI I/O, PC 98/99 and AC '97 compliant, legacy support
Audio Codecs Primary and secundary AC '97 codecs, controlled via AC Link by the audio accelerator, 20-bit Stereo DACs, 18-bit Stereo ADCs, pseudo differential CD input, exceed PC 99 and AC '97 specifications
Front Panel Stereo Audio Jacks 3.5mm
  1. Microphone input, phantom power 2V as required by PC 99 on the middle contact, suitable for Electret microphones (Mono), low noise amplifier 18dB on-board (input voltage 0.125Vrms)
  2. Line input, 2Vrms max., Stereo
  3. Line output speakers L/R, 1Vrms
  4. Line output Surround speakers L/R, 1Vrms
  5. Line output Center/LFE speakers, 1Vrms
Front Panel Connectors Digital Audio
  1. S/PDIF input, optical digital audio interface, Toslink receiver, 22-48kHz data sampling rate
  2. S/PDIF output, optical digital audio interface, Toslink transmitter, data sampling rate 48kHz
On-Board Connectors
  1. CD input, 4-position Molex shrouded header J5, pseudo differential input 1Vrms, Stereo
  2. Auxiliary input (AUX), 4-position Molex shrouded header J4, 1Vrms, Stereo
  3. PC Beeper input (BP), 2-position Molex shrouded header J6, Mono
  4. Optional: Midi/Joystick interface, 16-position shrouded header J3 (by default not stuffed)
  5. Optional: Stereo headphones output, 32..600 Ohm, 1.25Vrms @ 150 Ohm, short circuit proof, 4-position Molex shrouded header J7 (components by default not stuffed; as an option, the headphones output can be wired to the front panel audio jack AJ2, replacing the Line In function)
Connector J1 32-Bit DMA Bus Master (133MB/s)
3.3V or 5V Interface
Power Consumption Connector J1 +5V ±5% 0.5A max.
+3.3V ±0.3V 0.2A max.
+Vio (5V/3.3V) ±0.3V 0.1A max.
+12V ±5% 0.1A max.
Commercial Grade Version Operating temperature 0-70°C
Humidity 5-90% non condensing
Drivers Download Windows 95/98/ME, NT4, Windows 2000
Linux 2.2.17-19, 2.2.4x, Redhat 7.0, Redhat 7.1

subject to change without further notice

CH1-SOUND - Assembly Drawing
CH1-SOUND - Assembly Drawing
Ordering Information
Alias Ordering Number Short Description
SOUND CH1-1-SOUND 3U CompactPCI 6-channel high performance audio controller, complete suite of analog I/O connections, AC3 5.1, dual AC '97 Codec, digital optical S/PDIF input/output
SOUND CH1-4-SOUND Similar to CH1-1-SOUND, functionally limited to analog stereo speaker output, microphone input, Stereo line input
  CR9-1-ADAPT Mechanical kit, expands front panel to 6U
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