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3U, CompactPCI  FC-PGA 370 CPU
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CC5-RAVE - Break Through the Limits
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CompactPCI  Celeron/Pentium-III CPU
Compact Flash, USB, Ethernet and DVI-I Graphics On-Board

Alternatively equipped with an Intel Celeron®, Pentium-III® or VIA Cyrix® III processor, the CC5-RAVE is a powerful 3U (single size Eurocard) CPU board, well suited for any CompactPCI® system.

The board is provided with the chip set 810(E) which contains an embedded graphics controller. The DVI-I interface allows for attachment of both advanced and legacy flat panel displays and CRT monitors. The on-board USB-port is a universal interface to a variety of peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse, printer, modem or video camera. For high speed networking, the CC5-RAVE is provided with a 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet twisted pair jack. All connectors mentioned above are easily accessible from the cards front panel.

As a mass storage interface the CC5-RAVE provides for an Ultra ATA/66 connector, suitable for any IDE hard disk and CD-ROM. A receptacle for CompactFlash cards enables the use of silicon disks. The main memory is a SO-DIMM 144 form factor module. The jumperless board can be used with a front-side bus clock speed of up to 100(133)MHz.

Equipped with a PCI-bridge chip, the CC5-RAVE offers a full CPCI interface for reliable system expansion. Especially designed for embedded systems applications, the General Software BIOS is maintained by EKF. This ensures custom specific enhancements are possible at any time.

CC5-RAVE - small outline - full power

CC5-RAVE - 3U Pentium III CPU

Available as a companion board to the CC5-RAVE, the CC6-ACID is provided with all PC legacy I/O ports. This module fits on either side of the CC5, top (CC6-1 and CC6-3) or bottom (CC6-3 only), utilizing the LPC Low Pin Count interface. The card will be required only if the classical interfaces, e.g. serial and parallel port remain in use in a given environment.

The CC6-ACID can be delivered with an on-board 2.5" hard disk, resulting in a very compact system. The connectors LPT (CC6-1 only), COM1/2, mouse and keyboard are situated at the front panel, while a floppy disk drive can be attached via the on-board pin header. While the CC6-1 requires 8HP, the CC6- 3 is equipped with a 4HP front panel.

CC5-RAVE & CC6-ACID Power Pack

CC5-RAVE & CC6-ACID Power Pack
CC5-RAVE - block diagram

CC5-RAVE - Block Diagram
CC5-RAVE with Passive Heatsink

CC5-RAVE with Passive Heatsink
Feature Summary CC5-RAVE
Form Factor Single size CompactPCI style Eurocard (160x100mm2), front panel width 4HP (20.3mm)
Processor Support for Intel® CeleronTM and Pentium®-III processors, 370-pin PPGA or FC-PGA package
Chipset i810 chipset consisting of:
  • 82810E Graphics/memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
  • 82801 I/O Controller Hub (ICH0)
  • 82802 Firmware Hub (FWH)
  • 144-pin dual inline memory module (SO-DIMM) socket, module height 1.05inch (26.7mm) max.
  • Support for up to 256MB, non ECC, unbuffered synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)
  • Support for serial presence detect (SPD) and non-SPD SO-DIMMs , PC-100 style
Video I/O PanelLink Digital Technology Analog monitor and digital flat-panel display support by DVI-I connector (front panel), up to 1280x1024 pixel 16M colors 85Hz refresh rate, incorporates PanelLink Digital technology
USB I/O Single type A connector (front panel), USB1.1, data transfer rate of up to 12Mbit/s
Ethernet I/O 100Base-Tx/10Base-T Fast-Ethernet controller, 82559ER chip, RJ-45 connector (front panel), 100Mbps full-duplex, auto-negotiation
Legacy I/O LPC Super-I/O interface connector, CC6-ACID companion board with Super-I/O controller available
  • Ultra ATA/66 40-pin connector (primary IDE)
  • CompactFlash socket for CFA ATA cards (secondary IDE), utulizing 'True IDE Mode'
CompactPCI  32-bit, 33.3MHz, PCI bridge chip Texas Instruments PCI2050, 133MBps CPCI master
BIOS General Software Embedded 2000 BIOS, 2..8Mbit Flash memory (82802AA, 82802AB, 82802AC)
subject to change

CC5-RAVE - component assembly top view

CC5-RAVE - Component Assembly (Top View)
CC5-RAVE - Heatsink Drawn in Section

CC5-RAVE - Heatsink Drawn in Section
Ordering Information
Alias Ordering No. Short Description
RAVE CC5-1-RAVE 3U CompactPCI FC-PGA 370 CPU, 64MB SDRAM, Celeron 733MHz
RAVE CC5-2-RAVE 3U CompactPCI FC-PGA 370 CPU, 64MB SDRAM, Pentium-III 850MHz
  CC5-8-RAVE 128MB SDRAM option
  CC5-9-RAVE 256MB SDRAM option
ACID CC6-1-ACID 3U CompactPCI Super-I/O Module, 8HP front panel width, PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse, COM1/2, LPT, FDC, companion board to the CC5-RAVE via LPC interface
ACID CC6-3-ACID similar to CC6-1-ACID, front panel width 4HP, without parallel port connector, keyboard/mouse combined in one Mini-DIN connector (external splitter cable available as accessory)
  CC6-8-HDK Option on-board hard disk drive 2.5-inch, available with CC6-1 and CC6-3
  CR9-1-ADAPT mechanical kit, expands front panel of the CC5-RAVE to 6U full height
  280.7.400 external keyboard/mouse Y-splitter-cable Mini-DIN male to 2 x Mini-DIN female (required for CC6-3 only)
  908.51.02.01 DVI-D to DVI-D cable assembly, 2m, connects the CC5-RAVE to DVI monitors (digital way)
  908.57.02.01 DVI-I to HD DSUB15 cable assembly, 2m, connects the CC5-RAVE to VGA monitors (analog way)
  908.57.12.01 DVI-I to VGA adapter (plug to receptacle), to be plugged onto the CC5-RAVE DVI output, with HD DSUB15 socket, suitable especially for analog monitors with attached VGA cable
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