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CompactPCI  Dual Intelligent CAN2.0B Controller
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CAN - Contoller Area Network
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CompactPCI  Dual Intelligent CAN Controller

CAN 2.0B comes with i960 processor for superior performance

The CX1-BAND is a CompactPCI® based, intelligent fieldbus controller with two independent CAN (Controller Area Network) ports.

The 3U Eurocard is provided with the i960RP/D (Intel) microprocessor, a powerful 32 bit machine giving freedom for any local data sampling and preprocessing. With its 8MB DRAM and 4MB Flash, the CX1-BAND offers a generous amount of memory.

Two SJA1000 (Philips) act as CAN controllers, incorporating all common protocol levels up to the latest version 2.0B. Both physical transceivers (PCA82C251) are optically isolated between themselves and the remaining circuitry. Each CAN port has its own connector (9-pole D-Sub, wiring according CiA Draft 102).

An additional UART (RS232) can be used as a general communications port, hence simplifying development and testing of on-board firmware, and allowing stand-alone operation of the CX1-BAND.

CX1-BAND - Power CAN

CX1-BAND - Power CAN

The CAN connectors CP1 and CP2 protrude through the boards front panel. Two push buttons for reset and NMI are indent mounted in order to prevent from being used inadvertently. A dual LED display reflects the board status.

The serial port SP1 is available from a dual row 2x5 pin PCB receptacle. When using a flat microribbon cable with a 10-pole IDC header on the one end and a 9-pole D-Sub connector on the other, the result is a PC compatible RS232 serial interface port.

Front panel adapter CR9-ADAPT The CX1-BAND is a 3U type (single size) Eurocard. For use of the CX1-BAND with 6U CPCI Systems, a mechanical kit is available which expands the 3U front panel to 6U (CR9-ADAPT).

CX1-BAND - Block Diagram

CX1-BAND - Block Diagram
Technical Specifications
Printed Circuit Board Dimensions 3U Eurocard (100x160mm), front panel width 20.3mm (4HP), mechanics constructed with respect to EMC requirements, ejector lever
CPU Microprocessor Intel i960RP/RD, 3.3V, 33/66MHz, clocked by system bus (local oscillator provided when operated as stand-alone)
Memory 8MByte FPM/EDO DRAM, 32-bit, 4MByte FLASH ROM (SMT) 28F016SV or 28F160S5 (Intel, Sharp), 32-bit
Utilities Watchdog and 5V/3,3V voltage-supervisor MAX705, serial EEPROM 4KByte I2C, optional: ACCESS.bus interface
CAN Bus Bus Type CAN (Controller Area Network), Protocol Specification 2.0B
Performance Datarate up to 1Mbit/s
Physical Interface
Connector CP1/CP2
2 x 9-pole D-Sub connector (CiA Draft 102), ISO 11898 transceivers 2 x PCA82C251, specified for 110 CAN Bus nodes, thermal protection, short circuit proof, withstands ±40V CANH/CANL input/output voltage (trucks and buses), optically isolated (2 x DC/DC converters and HP logic-couplers)
Cable Length min. 40m per segment, max. 1000m (depends on Baud rate chosen)
Termination Externally, on either end of the CAN bus (commonly built-in in the external connectors)
Controller Chip 2 x SJA1000 stand-alone controller, PeliCAN (CAN 2.0B protocol + additional features), 82C200 BasicCAN compatible, 11-bit and 29-bit identifier, 64-Byte receive buffer FIFO
Serial Interface Interface Type Asynchronous, serial protocol: 1 startbit; 7 or 8 databits; 1 or 2 stopbits; optional even/odd parity; standard bitrates up to 230.4 kBaud
Serial Interface Controller 16C550 asynchronous communication element, Texas Instruments TL16C550C
Physical Interface
Connector SP1
RS-232/V.24 by ADM232A transceiver, 2x5-pole PCB receptacle, when using a flat microribbon cable with a 10-pole IDC header on the one end and a 9-pole D-Sub connector on the other, the result is a PC compatible interface
I/O Option Connector J2 TTL level signals from CAN1/CAN2 and the UART are wired across the optional connector P2 for use by external (rear) transition-modules (back panel I/O method)
CompactPCI®  Bus Connector J1 32-Bit, 33MHz (133MB/s)
32-Bit DMA Bus Master (133MB/s)
PCI Burst Mode
3.3V or 5V interface
Power Supply Connector J1 +5V ±5% 2A max.
+3.3V ±0.3V 1.5A max.
Temperature Humidity Operating operating temperature 0-70°C
humidity 5-90% non condensing

technical specifications are subject to change wihout further notice

CX1-BAND - Component Assembly

CX1-BAND - Component Assembly
Ordering Information
Alias Ordering Number Short Description
BAND CX1-1-BAND 3U CompactPCI  dual intelligent CAN2.0B controller
  CR9-1-ADAPT Mechanical kit, expands front panel from 3 U to 6U
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