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CompactPCI  ISDN S/T Passive Terminal Adapter
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CI1-HARP - connected to the world by ISDN
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CompactPCI  ISDN Terminal Adapter

For connecting CompactPCI® systems to the ISDN network, EKF offers their CI1-HARP, a Passive Terminal Adapter with ISDN basic rate S/T interface.

The 3U board achieves a data rate of 128kbit/s uncompressed (both B channels aggregated). The CI1-HARP complies with international and european ISDN standards as ITU-T I.430.

Due to its cost-effectiveness the CI1-HARP is a perfect replacement for conventional ISDN communications equipment, as external modems or routers. Simply install a cable between the RJ45 ISDN connector and the ISDN telephone system, and your CompactPCI® system is ready for high speed Internet access.

CI1-HARP - photo


The CI1-HARP is equipped with a single-chip PCI ISDN S/T transceiver. Recent Linux distributions already enclose driver support for the CI1-HARP. EKF itself uses the CI1-HARP successfully as an ISDN gateway in their Linux based CPCI proxy/firewall servers, including channel aggregation.

  • Multi-Language Support
  • B Channel Protocol Transparent and HDLC Supported
  • Supports D Channel Protocols
  • Multi-Link PPP Aggregates Both B Channels to Provide Full 128kbps

CI1-HARP - component assembly

CI1-HARP - Component Assembly

Technical Specifications
Printed Circuit Board Dimensions 3U Eurocard (100x160mm), front panel width 20.3mm (4HP), mechanics constructed with respect to EMC requirements, ejector lever
ISDN Port Interface Type 2x64kbps (56kbps restricted mode for US ISDN lines selectable), protocol D channel transfer rate 16kbps
Controller Chip Cologne Chip Designs HFC-S PCI A Single-Chip PCI ISDN S/T Transceiver, independent read and write HDLC channels for two ISDN B channels and one ISDN D channel, independently selectable B1 and B2 channel transparent mode, FIFO memory window 4x7.5kByte (B cannel) and 2x512Byte (D channel), maximum 31 HDLC frames (B channel) and 15 HDLC frames (D channel) per channel and direction in FIFO, I2C serial EEPROM interface for configuration data storage
Physical Interface
Connector ISDN
S/T interface, RJ45 ISDN standard connector front panel mounted, complies with ITU-T I.430 specification, ISDN S interface hybrid APC 5568, isolation voltage 1500Vrms, certified to IEC950:A4:1996 and EN60950:A4:1979
CompactPCI® Bus Connector J1 32-Bit, 33MHz (133MB/s), DMA bus master, 5V interface
Power Consumption Connector J1 +5V ±5% 0.1A max.
Operating Operating temperature 0-70°C
Relative humidity 5-90% non condensing

specifications are subject to change without further notice

Ordering Information
Alias Ordering Number Short Description
HARP CI1-1-HARP 3U CompactPCI ISDN basic rate passive terminal adapter
  CR9-1-ADAPT Mechanical kit, converts front panel from 3U to 6U
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