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CompactPCI  PC•MIP Mezzanine Module
6-Slot Carrier/Bridge
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CM6-SEXTET - System Integration Made Easy by Mezzanine Modules
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CompactPCI  CompactPCI Passive PC•MIP Module Carrier
Up to 6 Mezzanine Modules on a 6U Board

Because the customer can profit from both, individual configuration of the system and moderate cost, mezzanine concepts are very popular for industrial grade computers. Based on the PC•MIP module standard, EKF presents the CM6-SEXTET, a CompactPCI® passive carrier board for up to 6 PC•MIP modules.

The PC•MIP electrical characteristics are derived from the PCI specification. With respect to the mechanics, PC•MIP modules represent an improved successor to the M-Module technology. Compared to PMC modules, PC•MIP allows for higher system integration due to smaller dimensions.

The CM6-SEXTET is provided with the popular PCI bridge chip Intel/DEC 21150. All 6 PC•MIP slots are connected to the local PCI bus. Access to any individual PC•MIP module by the host CPU takes place transparently across the PCI bridge.

4 of the 6 PC•MIP slots are suitable for modules with front panel orientated I/O connectors (Type-II modules). In addition, all slots allow for rear I/O across J3..J5. Two of the neighboured slot pairs can be used for double-size modules.

CM6-SEXTET - 6-fold PC-MIP Carrier

CM6-SEXTET - CompactPCI PC•MIP Carrier Board

CM6-SEXTET - Block Diagram

CM6-SEXTET - Block Diagram

Ordering Information
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SEXTET CM6-1-SEXTET PC•MIP carrier board 6U, 6 slots, passive
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