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Quad CompactPCI
Fast Ethernet NIC
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CN4-BELL - Ethernet Connectivity
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Quad Port Fast Ethernet Controller
10BASE-T (10Mbps) and 100BASE-TX (100Mbps) Across Twisted-Pair Cable

Ethernet has evolved as the networking technology standard. A recent powerful trend is Ethernet in a fieldbus environment. Beginning at the actor/sensor module, up to the process control system, forward to the management database - Ethernet offers total connectivity for all areas of an enterprise.

With the CN4-BELL, EKF introduces a quad Fast Ethernet networking interface controller for CompactPCI® systems. Any individual RJ45 jack provides for attachment to 10Base-T and 100Base-TX based LANs across a CAT5/6 twisted-pair cable, suitable for distances of up to 105m. Featuring auto-negotiation and full-duplex mode, the maximum data transfer rate is 200Mbps at any port.

As a 3U board (single size Eurocard), the CN4-BELL replaces up to four single-port Fast Ethernet NICs (Network Interface Controller). Consequently, the CN4-BELL occupies four individual MAC- respective IP-addresses.

The CN4-BELL is suitable for a wide range of applications with need for multiple networking controllers, e.g. firewall, gateway, router, or as a fieldbus data concentrator. High availability systems profit from the redundancy achieved when using several Ethernet ports in parallel.

Drivers are available by download for all popular operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux).

CN4-BELL - Quad Ethernet Controller

CN4-BELL - Quad Ethernet Controller

CN4-BELL - Block Diagram

CN4-BELL - Block Diagram
Technical Specifications
Printed Circuit Board Dimensions 3U Eurocard (100x160mm2), front panel 4HP (20.3mm) EMV shielded, ejection lever
Ethernet Connector ETH1 - ETH4 4 x twisted pair RJ45, 8-position, wired as a hostadapter, 1:1 cabling to any hubs, switches, routers, transceivers, cross wiring required for direct connection to a second hostadapter
Cable Type Category 5/6, UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) or STP (Shielded Twisted Pair), length up to 105m maximum
Data Transfer Rate 10Base-T 10Mbps (20Mbps @ full-duplex)
100Base-TX (Fast-Ethernet) 100Mbps (200Mbps @ full-duplex),
auto-negotiation for best performance
Controller Chip 4 x Intel 82559ER PCI Ethernet controller, single chip MAC and PHY (Transceiver)
LED Array Integrated LEDs (within any of the RJ45 jacks), Activity/Link, 100Mbps
Connector J1 32-Bit, 33MHz, DMA bus master, PCI-to-PCI bridge between external (backplane) CPCI bus and internal (local) PCI Bus
Power Consumption Connector J1 +5V ± 5% 0.05A max.
+3.3V ±0.3V 0.85A max.
VIO ±5V oder ±3.3V 0.01A max.
Commercial Grade Version Operating temperature 0-70°C
Humidity 5-90% non condensing
Software Drivers Implicit supported by recent operation systems (e.g. Linux, Windows 2000/XP), additionally Intel offers drivers for download for most operating systems (e.g. VxWorks)
MTBF   0.269 * 106h

subject to change

CN4-BELL - Component Assembly Drawing
CN4-BELL - Component Assembly Drawing
Ordering Information
Alias Ordering Number Short Description
BELL CN4-1-BELL 3U CompactPCI board, quad Fast Ethernet NIC
  CR9-1-ADAPT Mechanical kit, expands 3U front panel to 6U
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