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CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Universal Host Adapter 10/100/1000Mbps
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Front Panel of CN5-GONG - Gigabit Ethernet NIC
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CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Universal Host Adapter 10/100/1000Mbps

Ethernet is a real megatrend for connecting systems in a heterogeneous environment. With its CN5-GONG EKF introduces a Gigabit Ethernet networking interface controller (NIC) for CompactPCI® systems.

The 3U board is equipped with a new generation single-chip controller. Attachment to the local network across the RJ-45 jack requires an ordinary CAT5/6 twisted-pair copper cable only, which is suitable for distances up to more than 100m. While providing the 1000Base-T standard for fastest data transfer rates, compatibility is maintained to 100Base-TX and even 10Base-T based hubs and switches.

Gigabit Ethernet has been designed to use existing cabling and equipment, hence simplifying the migration process. Integrating the 1000Mbps CN5-GONG NIC into any CPCI system not only allows for remarkably higher data throughput, but also reduces the network load considerably due to shortened transfer times.

The CN5-GONG is provided with a 32/64-bit CPCI interface, and can be operated either at 33MHz or 66MHz bus clock. While being compatible to all CPCI systems, the optimum performance will be achieved within a 64-bit/66MHz system.

CN5-GONG - Gigabit Ethernet NIC


The design of the CN-5 GONG is based on a modern single-chip integrated MAC and PHY, thus minimizing the power consumption. The board is provided with a 128kx8 Flash EPROM, suitable for an extended BIOS (booting over network).

The CN5-GONG can be integrated smoothly into any existing networking environment. In order to profit from its Gigabit Ethernet capability, a Gigabit switch must be used accordingly for attachment. Existing facility cabling must provide strapping of all 8 pin positions of the RJ-45 jack.

The CN5-GONG is a 3U (single size) Eurocard. For 6U CPCI systems, a mounting kit (CR9-ADAPT) is available, which expands the front panel to 6U height.

CN5-GONG - Block Diagram

CN5-GONG - Block Diagram
Technical Specifications
Printed Circuit Board Dimensions 3U Eurocard (100x160mm2), front panel 4HP (20.3mm) EMI shielded, ejection lever
Ethernet Connector ETH Twisted pair RJ-45, 8-position, suitable for direct attachment to any hubs, switches, routers, transceivers
Cable Type Category 5/6, UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) or STP (Shielded Twisted Pair), length up to 105m maximum
Data Transfer Rate 10Base-T 10Mbps (20Mbps @ full-duplex), 100Base-TX (Fast-Ethernet) 100Mbps (200Mbps @ full-duplex), auto-negotiation for best performance, 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) 1000Mbps
Controller Chip PCI Gigabit Ethernet controller, integrated single chip MAC and PHY (transceiver)
LED Array 8-fold LED array in the front panel, 10/100/1000Mbps, link, Rx, Tx, power, special function
Connector J1/J2 32/64-bit, 33/66MHz, DMA bus master
3.3V or 5V interface
Power Consumption Connector J1 +5V ±5% 0.5A max.
+3.3V ±0.3V 0.85A max.
+Vio (5V/3.3V) ±0.3V 0.01A max.
Commercial Grade Version Operating temperature 0-55°C
Humidity 5-90% non condensing

subject to change

CN5-GONG - Assembly Drawing
CN5-GONG - Assembly Drawing
Ordering Information
Alias Ordering Number Short Description
GONG CN5-2-GONG 3U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC, J2 removed (32-bit CPCI)
  CR9-1-ADAPT Mechanical kit, expands 3U front panel to 6U
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