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3U CompactPCI Small Systems

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CRB-BLUELINE - 3U CPCI Small Systems
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3U Small Size CompactPCI® IPC Systems

172mm x 132mm x 208mm Rack, up to 5 Slots Backplane, Removable PSU

Rugged, expandable, economic - the new CRB-BLUELINE series of miniature CompactPCI® IPC systems from EKF is suitable for all industrial requirements, even under harsh conditions. The small rack is built of high-quality 19-inch components. With its low dimensions of only 172x132x208mm (3U/30HP), the BLUELINE provides space for up to five CompactPCI® modules (single size Eurocard style). The BLUELINE systems include an industrial grade removable power supply.

EKF offers a wide range of scalable CPU boards suitable for the BLUELINE to choose from, beginning with the power optimized Intel® Atom™ processor series, up to the Intel® Core™ i7 high performance CPU.

A mass storage device, either 2.5- or 1.8-inch SSD, or a CompactFlash (option CFast) card, is integral part of the CPU module. Cooling by natural convection is already sufficient for low power processor boards.

CRB-BLUELINE System with CPU Card and I/O Boards

CRB-BLUELINE System with CPU Card and I/O Boards

Available as accessories, the BLUELINE can be equipped with wall or bottom mount brackets. A silent 120mm x 120mm cooling fan unit is provided as an option for such high performance CPU boards which require forced convection.

When combined with a CompactPCI CPU card such as the PC3-ALLEGRO, a BLUELINE system supersedes entirely an industrial PC. Another three CPCI slots are available for application specific system expansion. Thanks to the modular, nonproprietary concept, a BLUELINE system can be reconfigured or upgraded in just a few minutes, reducing potential breakdown times to a minimum.

The overall reliability of any system depends in particular on the quality of its power supply unit. BLUELINE systems are provided with a removable, high-grade industrial PSU from a leading German manufacturer. As of current, the CRB-BLUELINE systems can be equipped with PSU versions suitable either for 120/230VAC or 24VDC power line input (automotive applications). The BLUELINE is a long-time available and scalable IPC system, combining high reliability and small size with an affordable price, thus forming the better alternative compared to many other PC based solutions. Please request for custom specific versions, tailored to your individual needs. Quality pays, its up to you!

AC Power Cord Fastener

AC Power Cord Fastener

Technical Summary
General 3U rack/enclosure 30HP, shielded, tip up feet assembled, ready for installation of 1 x system slot CompactPCI CPU card 3U/4HP (w/o companion board) or 8HP (with companion board), 3 x peripheral slot CPCI cards 3U/4HP (blind panels included), equipped with 1 x CPCI PSU 3U/10HP
  • ~ 172mm (width) x 132mm (height) x 208mm (depth), measured w/o tip up feet or accessories
  • ~ 166mm (height) with top mount fan unit
CompactPCI Bus
  • 1 x P1/P2 system slot, right side (red card rails)
  • 3 x P1 peripheral slots (blind panels included)
  • CompactPCI 32-bit, +5V VIO (+3.3V VIO on request)
  • 1 x M connector for PSU slot, left side
PSU (AC Version)
  • Removable, 3U/10THP, permanently short circuit proof, over-voltage protection primary/secondary
  • Ambient temperature -25°C ... +70°C (derating 2%/K above 50°C), protected against overheating
  • Line input 90-138VAC/187-264VAC 50/60Hz (changing automatically), input connector IEC320/C5
  • Outputs +5V/8A, +3.3V/10A, M24/8 connector matching the backplane, SELV according to EN 60950
  • Power cord and fastener bracket included
Fan Unit (optional)
  • 120mm x 120mm silent type, 5V DC, 2.1W, air flow 1.66m3/min 58.6CFM, 1850rpm, 29dbA
  • provided with CRB-4(5,6)-BLUELINE
EC Regulations
  • EN55022, EN55024, EN60950-1 (UL60950-1/IEC60950-1)
  • 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
Accessories (optional)
  • Wall mount brackets
  • Bottom mount brackets

technical specifications are subject to change without further notice

CRB-BLUELINE Rack with Wall Mount Brackets

CRB-BLUELINE Rack with Wall Mount Brackets

Ordering Information
Ordering Number Short Description
CRB-1-BLUELINE Rack 3U/30HP ~ 172mm (width) x 132mm (height) x 208mm (depth), with CompactPCI backplane, with removable power supply 70W 120/230VAC
CRB-2-BLUELINE similar to CRB-1-BLUELINE, with removable PSU 70W 24VDC
CRB-4-BLUELINE Rack 3U/30HP ~ 172mm (width) x 166mm (height) x 208mm (depth), with top mount fan unit, with CompactPCI backplane, with removable power supply 70W 120/230VAC
CRB-5-BLUELINE similar to CRB-4-BLUELINE, with removable PSU 70W 24VDC
Ordered List

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CRB-BLUELINE Rack with Fan Unit

CRB-BLUELINE Rack with Fan Unit
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